“All ecosystems require diversity and multiplicity to flourish.” ~Lori Pye


I write content that provides scientific and psychological insight into sustainable living, based on an understanding of how the planet’s ecological processes shape and are shaped by persistent human and sociopolitical narratives.
I recently served as vice-chair for my city’s climate action committee, which developed recommended actions for achieving 100% clean energy by 2045. I contributed significant content to the final report presented to the City Council, including outlining recommendations for transportation, CO2 sequestration, hearts and minds, and buildings.
I earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in Biology and Psychology and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Ecopsychology. I have 30 years of experience writing scientific, healthcare, and technical content.

“Find the images, stories, symbols, and myths that open the heart, to make us see what is right there in our psychological landscape.” ~Ginette Paris


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