As a Biology/Psychology major, I am naturally curious and science-minded. I especially love to write about behavioral neuroscience and climate change.


I have designed over 25 websites and apps for commercial and non-profits using established UX design principles to create brands and engage users.


I have nine-years’ experience in front-end development, and write clean, semantic code according to W3C standards.


My attention to detail, analysis, and accuracy is fueled by my scientific background and natural left-brain inclination.


drk-newI was asked in a recent interview what made me curious and I responded “anything related to science or medicine.”
I am a Seattle-based science content writer with over 20 years’ experience writing science, healthcare, and technical publications. I love writing about all things science, but the mind-body interaction has always held a special fascination for me, hence my B.S. degree in Biology and Psychology.
Though I pursued a career in writing, my love of science never left me. Now, the recent challenges against STEM have energized me to raise public awareness of scientific advances and the threat of climate change, not only through writing but also through presenting slideshows and organizing an action group within my community.
So how did I become a writer? Very unexpectedly, actually. As a financial analyst for the U.S. Army, I discovered I had an aptitude for writing articles publicizing Army productivity investment successes. Since then, I have written all types of digital and print content: blogs, news articles, science reports, social media, e-books, medical brochures, press releases, long-form content, and technical publications.
I have always had a keen eye for design, which I eventually translated into web design and development. I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to design, which I use to my advantage when creating lean, accessible science content based on established design principles.
My ideal project or position would be any scenario where I can translate my passion for science into engaging, informative, and actionable content that always keeps the audience’s needs at the forefront.

I am a detailed technologist with a
strong creative side.


Just a few of my past visual design/front-end development projects.

Web Design
Branding / App Design
Web Design

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” ~ Carl Sagan

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