“SciComm visionaries have tapped into the reality that science as story sells.”


drk-newI love to tell science as story.
I am a Seattle-based SciComm writer with a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology with honors, and 30 years’ experience writing scientific, technical, and healthcare content.
I enjoy writing engaging articles and blog posts that highlight scientific advances, offer essential healthcare information or raise public awareness of the climate crisis.
I also have experience designing websites, self-published books, presentation slides, and an ebook.
I organized a campaign to urge my city to transition to 100% clean electricity, which included developing written material and organizing community events. I am now serving as a climate leader on my city’s climate action committee.
I would love to write engaging content that highlights your research, discusses the climate crisis, or creates a compelling science story.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”~Carl Sagan


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